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MeWelcome to my new photography blog.  I recently decided to participate in Project 365, which means I get to share a new photo with you every day for a year.  It is an exciting project and one I am thrilled to be a part of.  A little about me – I was born in Scotland, moved to South Africa when I was 7 years old and then moved to California in my early 20’s.  I’ve been happily married for almost 30 years (sometimes that is so hard to believe) to my husband Brian.  We have two children – Kristin and Zachary, and I am blessed to be the grandmother of three beautiful grandchildren – Cameron, Cole and Kenley.  I am currently a stay at home mom (well minus the children as they are all grown lol) and I love photography, sewing and quilting.  When I’m not in my sewing room creating something new, I am out and about with my camera.  I have always loved photography, and have dabbled in it for years.  I bought a Canon Rebel T3 a couple of years back, not really knowing what I was buying.  They had a good deal on the camera along with two lenses on QVC so I went for it.  Since I got the camera, the “Auto” function has been my best friend, all the other settings kind of scared me because I had no clue what they meant.  Well I have decided to get to know my camera, and not be afraid of it.  So I have been reading, reading, reading all I kind find on aperture, shutter speeds, ISO’s, macros, lighting, and more.  I also joined a local photography group on Facebook, and many of the members have been really helpful with advice.  I figure the best way for me to learn is to jump in and just start shooting, learning through trial and error.  I think Project 365 is the perfect vehicle for me to get familiar with my camera as it forces me to get out there and take a photo every day.  I hope you enjoy my photos.  Let me know you visited by leaving a comment, or follow me via email 🙂

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Lesley, I saw your post on Click It Up and then saw your blog address. I was excited to see a “grandmother” following Click It Up because there seems to be mostly younger mom who follow the post. I love her site and read everything Courtney writes. She is an awesome teacher! I’m a grandmother too, twins (b/g). Your pictures are lovely and I enjoyed visiting your site. I would love to participate in Project 365 but I work full time and it’s hard to find or good subject matter. I do carry my camera with me everyday but still find it difficult. I hope you don’t mind that I dropped you a note. Wishing you much success with your photos and blog. 🙂

    • Hi Tina….Nice to meet you. I don’t mind at all that you dropped me a note. It is nice to know that you enjoyed my photos. I stumbled across Click It Up A Notch when I was looking for ideas for doing a daily photo challenge. At that point I didn’t even know Project 365 existed lol. Her site is awesome, and one can learn a lot from her. It is great to meet a fellow grandmother. You are right, there does seem to be an over-abundance of younger photographers. I guess I started this hobby a little late in life lol. Do you have a web site or blog? I would love to check it out. Stay in touch and once again it is really nice to meet you. Thanks for reaching out 🙂

    • Hi Jan…thanks for taking the time to stop by for a visit. I appreciate that. Good luck on your own journey with Project 365. It is a lot of fun. I will check yours out too. Have a great day 🙂

  2. Hi Lesley, seen your blog name on Click it up a notch.. Great Job on your blog. I am thinking about doing it too.. I am a grandma too and I LOVE taking pictures of those sweet faces. I also live in Ca. northern.

    • Hi Sue….nice to meet you. Thanks for your sweet words, I appreciate it. You should totally do it, it’s definitely worth it. Where in Northern California are you? 🙂

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