Day 80 (Project 365)

Day 80 – August 03, 2014

Golden Berries

As I suffer through the summer heat with temperatures in the triple digit range, I saw this plant with beautiful golden colored berries and it reminded me of fall.  Oh how I wish summer was over and fall was upon us, but we still have  a couple of months to go.  So I can only look at this photo and dream of crisp cooler weather, the changing colors of the season, apple picking, and the anticipation of the holiday season.


2 thoughts on “Day 80 (Project 365)

  1. Hi Lesley, I enjoyed looking at your beautiful pics. Found you on click it up a notch. I’m also doing a 365, and I’m on day 40. Trying to follow along with a few other folks. Here’s my link:



    • Hi Erin…sorry I was gone on a camping vacation for a few days and am just catching up on my blog. Glad you are enjoying my photos, I am so lagging behind though and need to pick up the slack lol. Thanks for letting me know that you found me through “Click It Up A Notch”. I will definitely reciprocate. Good Luck with your 365, isn’t it a lot of fun? 🙂

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